How to Enable Gzip Compression in cPanel

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You can improve your website performance by using  Apache mod_deflate. This is compression technique which compress website content and increase your website speed. If you have cpanel so you can do it by using few steps which is mention below :-  Step 1  : – Login to your cPanel Account    Step 2 :- In

Do you want to access PhpMyAdmin without cPanel login ? In this article I will share steps how to access PhpMyAdmin without cPanel login. This will help if you don’t want to share cpanel login detail to your developer.

Today we will discuss about linux commands which is very useful for Linux system admin. There are many commands in linux but going to mention some commands which is mostly used in Hosting industry for linux. TOP The top command provides a real-time view of a running system. This is best command for linux admins to check server load, uptime

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Track Spammer Path In Exim

Friday, 06 May 2016 by

If you are a system administrator and working in web hosting company. So it’s your responsibility to maintain server uptime. Sometimes issue come with mailserver. If you see in your mail queue on server you will see large number of mails in queue. Generally it happens in shared hosting. If you have vps or dedicated

We got a ticket regarding softaculous error during magneto installation. The following errors were found : There were some errors in decompressing the package files. This error comes when the compress file is not downloaded correctly on server.  Resolution: Login to server via root access. Now Go to directory /var/softaculous/ You can Move or delete

While restarting cpanel service from Terminal/Shell using command “service cpanel restart” if you are getting “cpsrvd dead but pid file exists”, please disable the Iptbales firewall of your linux Box and start “cpsrvd’. Before that please check whether “cpsrvd” is running or not, using following command. # ps aux|grep cpsrvd root 30218 0.0 0.1 3012

How to install cPanel in Centos 7

Friday, 15 January 2016 by

First We need to know about cPanel cPanel is a control panel that allows users to manage servers through a Graphical User interface instead of the command line. You can easily manage your Websites Files , Email and DNS by using cPanel. Installation Guide  System Requirements Minimum of 1 GB RAM 20 GB HDD Perl

How to Block Country by Using CSF ?

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Config Server Firewall is known as CSF. This is most popular firewall for linux to secure your server. It comes with many useful features, You can manage CSF by command line or control panel. From Command line you can edit csf configuration file /etc/csf/csf.conf To allow Country you can use option CC_ALLOW CC_ALLOW To block Country you can

Did you get below error when you try to start CSF. Error: csf: Incorrect CONNLIMIT setting: [50], at line 2484 This error was comming  becuase CONNLIMIT=50 is not a valid setting for the latest cpanel version. Syntax for the CONNLIMIT setting: CONNLIMIT = “80;50” means: Only allow up to 20 concurrent new connections to port 80

According to error message disk quota of that cPanel user is exceeded. You have to remove all  unwanted files from the cPanel. After that check your webmail. If you are still facing same issue then login to server and go to /var/cpanel/overquota You will see username there, remove that user from overquota directory and check your